What Is The Secret Behind Trading Indicator That Gives High Win Rate?

Mark Chee
3 min readDec 23, 2021


For anyone who press in to read more, you’ll find yourself being challenge 180 degree because it’s gonna be totally opposite of what a common typical trader thinks. If you take the time to read, you’ll find yourself in a loop of searching for holy grail that’s endless, every indicators and methods you try eventually fail. So, What happened?

Does magical technical indicators really exist that gives you a high win rate? Unfortunately, no. Simple no. If you think you “had” it, you’ll understand soon after some time. Revisit this article again when you’re proven wrong about your strong opinion on magical indicators.

The secret to indicators that provide high win rate is that it doesn’t exist, it’s created by people of “science” to try to win the game. But for decades, have you seen anyone got rich because of a magical indicator? Hell, no.

Can they provide you with consistent income? Yes and no. Yes is it depends on how you use the indicators, and no for people who believe indicators can help them win all the time. In this game, losses are inevitable, you can’t run away from it, even the magical indicators won’t forecast ahead.

The key is to understand that the game of trading is never analytical, never mathematical, never a science, it’s a game of mental.

My argument for the magical indicator is that it only takes one dynamic trader, with a lot of resource and finance to make your trading indicator invalid. In fact, the dynamic traders uses this advantage to draw the public into buying so they can sell into a better price. To win this game, you must understand price movement and the nature of market price movement.

It’s absurd when I heard people saying here in $70 is a strong support, it supported 4 times and never drop below, then things eventually fail. It only takes 1 player in this world to negate your positive edge, until you accept the fact, you’ll start to accept the nature of the game.

The biggest reason people always dwell in the search of holy grail magical indicator was that they were searching for “certainty” out of the uncertainty environment. This is a game of probabilistic, until you train your mind to think in probability, you will be able to execute perfectly.

When I first started this game, I was lost in search of this holy grail for 6 years! I never have a mentor, which I really advice people to have, provided they are real “gurus” who guide you into the correct direction.

I am also a person of science, but to realize lastly that trading is an art. What happened in history will happen in future and will not happen in future, it’s simply a 50 50. But people thought they can replicate it, but after all the next trade is always 50% rate.

People often style drift in this game, once something stop working, they go to the another strategy, and it keeps looping endlessly. I was fortunate to be an avid reader and hard work person, I finally figured out only after 6 years of endless endeavor searching for that holy grail that doesn’t exist.

This is a game where there is no absolute answer, people can do millions of ways and still be profitable. All it takes is just a bull market. But the amateurs eventually give back everything in a bad market.

In summary of this article, magical technical indicator or any strategy that provides high win rate does not exist. You must learn to think in probability, they next trade is always 50% chance. All it takes is a bull market to get profitable.



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